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The Quarantine Bears Childrens Book Sutherland

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The Quarantine Bears New Childrens Book
coronavirus children's book the quarantine bears
New Covid-19 Children's book, the quarantine bears
2020 children's book the quarantine bears kickstarter

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But, in the meantime, it seams there's a big debate out there in the interwebs about the spelling of Quarantine. Thanks to our good friends Merriam-Webster, let's try and set the record;

History and Etymology for quarantine


The first recorded use of the spelling of "Quarantine" was in 1617.
partly modification of French quarantaine, from Old French, from quarante forty, from Latin quadraginta, from quadra- (akin to quattuor four) + -ginta (akin to vigintitwenty); partly modification of Italian quarantena quarantine of a ship, from quarantaforty, from Latin quadraginta

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• Soon the e-book will be available to all on Amazon! There will be a link here when that happens.


• In a few weeks there will be info and pricing on how to get the hardcover book! I should have a proof copy to show in about two weeks.


Thanks for "Bearing" with us! Can't wait to hear what you all think!