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Megan Hensley and Jay Preston - Married Actors out of LA

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Listen to our Commercial Partner Demo Below!

our Partner Demo 2024 - Jay & Meg

As a dynamic married duo, Megan Hensley and Jay Preston bring unparalleled synergy to the acting world from their base in LA. Megan, known for her compelling roles on This is Us and Them: Covenant, offers 14 years of diverse acting experience, while Jay, with credits including Spider Man 2 and League of Legends, showcases a lifelong dedication to performance. Megan's portfolio spans NBC to commercials for Amazon and Sony, while Jay's versatile voice has graced brands like Microsoft and Toyota. Together, they offer unmatched talent and dedication to elevate any project they undertake. With Megan's passion for embodying characters and fostering strong working relationships, coupled with Jay's commitment to excellence and industry expertise, this dynamic duo is primed to deliver exceptional performances on screen, on mic and stage alike.

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Partner Demo

Jay   ~   Video Game Work   ~   Meg

new world video game Jay Preston Megan Hensley Voice Actors
Lost Ark Video Game Voice Actors Jay Preston Megan Hensley
Horizon Forbidden West Video Game Voice Actors Megan Hensley Jay Preston
Wasteland 3 Video Game Voice Actors Jay Preston Megan Hensley
Video Game Work

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Our professional broadcast quality home recording studio comes with a custom sound treated Booth 
Plus we engineer for each other!

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Soyuz Fet 017

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Neumann TLM 103

Sennheiser MKH 416

DPA 4060 Lav

John Hardy M-1
UA Apollo Twin MK II

Adobe Audition CC



Source-Connect Standard

ID: TheBoothOfUs

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Testimonials from BEYOND (the booth)


— Ambrose Yu, Sound Designer

"If you get the chance to work with Meg and Jay, you've really lucked out! They are some of the most honest, generous and humble people I've ever worked with. On top of all that, they are both top tier talent that are almost always chosen by my clients, and bring a high level of professionalism, collaboration and work ethic to projects while still bringing their own personal flair to everything."

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Meg & Jay love any excuse to travel

We'd love to come to you. Get in touch and we'll make it happen!

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Jay Preston Friendly • Edgy • Fun • Trustworthy • Textured • Caring • Storyteller • Approachable • Strong • Wry • Charismatic
Tylt • Butcher Bird
Edgy • Confident • Wry • Real • Textured
Only a Blueberry • Buck
Storyteller • Friendly • Approachable • Textured
Cracking The Code • Vital Farms
Friendly • Trustworthy • Natural • Fun • Caring
Decades Ahead • Mediacom
Strong • Fast Paced • Neutral • No Nonsense
Meg Hensley Warm • Casual • Fun • Believable • Raspy • Caring • Girl-Next-Door • Confident • Sexy • Cool • Quirky 
School of Motion • Ordinary Folk
Intriguing • Confident • Natural • Real • Friendly
Nuro AI Vehicle • Vucko
Inspiring • Tech • Natural • Real • Professional
Any Dog Anytime • OMD
Caring • Warm • Natural • Real • Friendly
Rao's Homemade - Slow • BSSP
Confident • Girl-next-door • Casual • Sexy
Meg & Jay Husband & Wife • Boyfriend & Girlfriend • Friends • Man & Woman • Cool • Quirky • Fun • Loving • Partner Reads 
This is Nouns • Ordinary Folk
Improv • Comedic • Entertaining • Unconventional
Love Actually Is • Journey Box
Caring • Warm • Natural • Loving • Friendly
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Jay Preston and Megan Hensley The Booth Of Us

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Megan Hensley and Jay Preston - Husband and Wife Actors

On Camera

Megan Hensley Actress

Megan Hensley

OAM - Liselott Pettersson
(323) 342 3374

Jay Preston Actor Headshot

Jay Preston

OAM - Liselott Pettersson
(323) 342 3374

Get a copy of our kids book!

The Quarantine Bears Children's Book

An informative rhyming children's book!

Join this adorable family of Bears as they work together to adapt to a world of quarantine and limits. Let this loving family of bears demonstrate what is hard to tell your children with words.

MoCap PCap Jay Preston Meg Hensley
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Full Performance Cap


Meg Hensley

"Miss Mindy" on This is Us!

& Fenna on Them: Covenant!

She has been an actress for for 14 years. Born and raised in Iowa. Her love for acting came at a very young age. She lives in LA and has an extensive resume that includes shows for NBC, Lifetime, TruTv and MTV as well as commercials for brands such as Amazon, Dell, Lady Speedstick, Jack Links Beef Jerky, Sony, Denny's...just to name a few. She enjoys taking on fun and exciting projects as well as challenging ones. Her passion is to fulfill the character to the director/clients liking and create great working relationships.

Megan Hensley IMDB
  • Megan Hensley Instagram
Megan Hensley Actor

Jay Preston

Dorsey Brothers in Wasteland 3

& Riggs in Stormland!

He was born just south of Boston and raised all over New England. He has been performing on and off the stage since the early age of 7! He is the founder of The Voice Over Collective, now in its 10th year, the co-founder of the online VO Weekly Workout and now the creative director and co-publisher of the industries oldest publication, The Voice Over Resource Guide He’s voiced for 100’s of brands including Microsoft, Toyota, CNN, Spectracide, McDonalds, Vital Farms, Amazon and more.    

Jay Preston IMDB
  • Jay Preston Instagram
Jay Preston On-Camera Actor
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West Coast Voice Demos

Meg & Jay's partner demo was created at the incredible soundBOX:LA  A boutique Voice Over and Music studio in Hollywood, CA.

soundBOX:LA is home to the Gardner St. and Gardner | Collective workout groups. 

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